[Blink] DTMF not supported

Luci Stanescu luci at ag-projects.com
Thu Jul 22 13:42:48 CEST 2010

Hi Tomasz,

On 22/07/10 14:22, Tomasz Muszynski wrote:
> So, is it a big problem to make dmtf duration a little longer? For test purposes, it can be a hidden parameter eg in plist.

We can't really do that easily. RFC2833-based dtmfs are sent using the
underlying library we use, pjsip, and it doesn't allow the duration to
be specified. But I really don't see how such a tone would not be
accepted, irrespective of duration as it's not sent as signals
(obviously, as long as it's implemented on the other side). As for the
inband dtmfs, you can change them quite easily: we simply play some wav
files which you can find in
Blink.app/Contents/Resources/dtmf_*_tone.wav. If you replace the files,
whatever you put there will get played to the other end.

> Regards,
> Tomek

Luci Stanescu

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