[Blink] Blink 0.14.5 DNS lookup bug?

Luci Stanescu luci at ag-projects.com
Tue Jan 19 15:37:46 CET 2010

Gerbrand Oudenaarden - Engage! wrote:
> I just upgraded Blink from 0.14.3 to 0.14.5 and I am experiencing
> something weird.
> None of my calls work, neither to my own destinations, nor to the demos. 
> The problem is that DNS lookups fail. Error message: "DNS lookup for ......"

Hi Gerbrand,

In order to debug this problem, I would need a network capture with the
DNS packets sent by Blink and a log with the notifications. You can
obtain the latter by going to Blink -> Preferences -> Settings -> Logs
and enabling Trace Notifications. You will find the log file in
~/Library/Application Support/Blink/logs/notifications_trace.txt.


Luci Stanescu

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