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Jesse Reynolds jesse.reynolds at carbonplanet.com
Tue Dec 21 01:35:14 CET 2010


Blink is working well for me with both an Epygi Quadro 4xi, and with a  
SipXecs. Two thing that I've immediately found frustrating however are:

1/ Please add audio volume controls (and VU meter)
So my system audio is set to the speakers and mic on my iMac and  
mylaptop, but I always use a USB headset to make calls. It's great  
that I can tell Blink to use the headset, but then there is no way to  
increase the volume in the headset, or increase the gain on the mic of  
the headset. eyeBeam has this and I use it all the time to adjust the  
volumes. It has a min VU meter as well so you can guage the level that  
the softphone is seeing.

2/ Typing a number with the Blink menu in the foreground should put  
focus into the 'Search Contacts of Enter Address' field. It's annoying  
to have to click first on the window to bring it to the foreground,  
and then into the search field, before you can start typing a number  
to dial.

Otherwise, it seems great!


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