[Blink] TLS not working?

Dominguez Jover, Ricardo djover at umh.es
Tue Dec 14 12:19:33 CET 2010

Hi everybody,


I'm testing TLS betwenn Blink and Kamailio. I've tested TLS in Kamailio
with Bria and it works. However with Blink I get a "handshake error"
(Fatal error) when Blink receives the Call. I've installed the server
certificate in windows  and in Blink- Preferences - Advanced - TLS
settings. I can't install any certificate in Blink-preferences -
accounts - advanced - TLS settings because it always says the
certificate is invalid (Base64 unexpected header error). So, is TLS
working in Blink? I can't find any documentation about Blink TLS


Can anyone help me with this issue?






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