[Blink] Can't receive inbound phone calls.

Yamamura Hiroaki yamamura at actmind.co.jp
Thu Aug 26 04:04:52 CEST 2010


I installed Blink Version 0.19.5 and SIP registration is successfully.
I can make a call to other IP phone or mobile phone.

But I can't receive inbound phone calls.
I have 3 SIP account and IP phone in my office.
When launch Blink, all IP phone can't receive inbound phone calls.
There is no ringing.

1. All IP phone is work fine
2. Launch Blink
3. SIP registration on Blink
4. All IP phone and Blink can't receive inbound calls (No ringing)
5. Quit Blink then wait SIP expired time
6. All IP phone is restore and work fine

I tested X-Lite, telephone, iSoftPhone is work fine.


Yamamura Hiroaki

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