[Blink] Bug: Unclosable Dialog

Luci Stanescu luci at ag-projects.com
Fri Aug 6 10:14:54 CEST 2010

Hi Götz,

On 01/08/10 21:45, Götz Hoffart wrote:
> I want to add another account:
> 1) I open the Prefs.
> 2) I press [+] to add another account.
> 3) I use the display name "Götz Hoffart", a SIP-Address and -password and press "Add"
> 4) Blink displays a bug alert (see other bug report). I click "Continue" to resolve the problem (by removing the Unicode character)
> 5) The "Cancel" button in the "Add Account" dialog doesn't work anymore. In addition the keycode "ESC" doesn't work. The close button of the window doesn't work.

Thanks for your bug report. The next minor release will no longer have
this problem of "freezing" the Add Account dialog. As for the unicode
support, we know we are currently missing it and it is on our roadmap. I
cannot predict when we will have this though.

Luci Stanescu

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