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Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Fri Apr 30 10:23:39 CEST 2010

On Apr 30, 2010, at 10:11 AM, Malcolm Caldwell wrote:

> Hi Adrian,
> The Ip address issue is not required to get BLINK working with this  
> particular PBX, it was just needed if I wanted to do this over a  
> VPN.  Now, even if you don’t want to support this,

Is not about wanting, of course I would want to cover all possible  
calls flows, is just that the support for this feature would be a very  
costly endeavor for very little return. So it does not fit our current  

> The issue here is BLINK not handling the case where there is no sdp  
> in an invite, which by quick googling seems to be called a delayed  
> media-media INVITE.

PJSIP provides the underlying stack for Blink. That's where the root  
of the problem lies. Now, even if it is solved there, which is  
unlikely but you never know, that's only a first step to support it in  
Blink it has to make it in SIP SIMPLE client SDK too.

Again this is a design issue that leads sooner or later with  
interoperability problems (For Cisco more than Blink). So rejecting  
the call is OK in this case because Blink does not handle this  
scenario. Like Blink many other phones do not support this scenario  
either, is a narrow corner case that poses only interoperability  
problems for those who require it.

Nevertheless, I will check with the PJSIP team, we are both at SIPIT  
in Stockholm this month.


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