[Blink] where's the dialpad?

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Tue Apr 6 09:58:14 CEST 2010

On 2 Apr 2010, at 15:03, Hoot, Joseph wrote:

> Hi all,
> I love Blink so far :)  You have done a great job at interface  
> design.  I have been using X-lite and Zoiper for a couple of years  
> now and have been pretty disappointed because of the lack of a  
> simple way to search for contacts in a spotlight-type way.  The only  
> problem that I have currently is that I can't seem to find a dialpad  
> (if it exists).  Also, I know that it is a SIP client, but it would  
> be nice to have a preference to transpose letters to numbers if  
> there were no @ in the address.
> For example, if I type somealias at somesipserver.com, Blink reacts as  
> I would expect and connect to that SIP address.  However, if I am  
> looking to call IBM for service and type in 1800ibmserv, I'd prefer  
> that Blink sees that there is no @ symbol and defaults to changing  
> the ibmserv to 4267379.  <-- skype seems to do that correctly, but  
> of course, skype is a proprietary thing, so I can't do sip with it :(

One problem with that approach is that the software cannot guess what  
you intend. I may dial 1800ibmserv because I have an account 1800ibmserv at mydomain.com 
  and by not typing the domain part, blink automatically adds the  
caller account's domain. Or I may intend to do what you described. The  
point is that blink cannot guess what your intention is, so it cannot  
automatically decide what to do. Of course it can use heuristics to  
figure out the most probable use case, but if you want to do the other  
thing, you'll end up frustrated because it will be either impossible  
or very difficult.


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