[Blink] New Blink release 0.11.1

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Sat Dec 12 12:46:20 CET 2009


There is a new release of Blink, it contains bug fixes reported by end- 

The software will auto update itself with this version.

If you wish to manually upgrade before the auto-update feature kicks  
in, go to menu Blink -> Check for Updates...

Change log:
December 12-th, 2009

Survive IP address changes
Workaround broken DNS resolvers that do not honor SRV and NAPTR lookups
Added inband DTMF option for audio streams in Account RTP section
Fixed upside-down display of Address Book icons on Snow Leopard
Raise error panel when trying to dial non-ascii SIP addresses
Fixed starting SIP sessions when Contact entry has a non-ascii Display  
Search and display Address Book entries containing SIP addresses
Fixed Chat tab name when Display Name of remote party is not available
Fixed G722 codec compatibility issue with Asterisk, Freeswitch and ZipDX
Reduced the CPU usage during MSRP File Transfer sessions
Improved the right click menu for Contacts
Released source tar-ball at http://download.ag-projects.com/Blink
Added Credits to the About panel


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